Signature La Forge de Rohane Michaël Dugleux

Canopies and awnings

Canopies can have a multitude of shapes: rectangular roof with 1 or more slopes, straight, radiating, etc.


The entire structure is made of solid steel, the consoles forged by us, obviously!


The sections used vary depending on the project but always “strong” enough to give an opulent appearance to the whole.


We make all our canopies to measure: we draw and design them according to the wishes of our customers, the dimensions but above all according to the house. Thus, each project is personalized and unique.


The glass used is most often clear laminated glass in order to maintain maximum clarity. But it can also be colored!


Finally, it is installed with traditional linseed oil putty.

A Vendée “marquise”

It is in the heart of Vendée, in a magnificent environment dedicated to Golf that we created this awning.

"Between friends"

An awning of approximately 5.50m by approximately 2,500mm extends the facade of the house, ideal for entertaining friends.

When the glass wants to be discreet...

This marquise does not reveal its glasses, hidden by a decorated band on the front and on the sides. Water drainage is done through the sides.

Colors unfold throughout the day

This marquise caps the door of a chair mulcher workshop, Mr. Denis Guérin in Aytré.


Specializing in contemporary colored mulching, it seemed only natural to us to cover the canopy with colored glass which makes the facade iridescent depending on the time of day.

A remote project

Because we work all over France, this marquise went to Boléne in the Vars.


Thank you very much to M.C. for trusting us for this project… remotely!

Full-length protection

This awning protects the facade of the house over its entire length.


We completely built the roof and redid a console to the existing model.

A secure windbreak

It was in Fouras that we installed this set consisting of a “windbreak” canopy on the side.


The steel roof rests on shelf bracket, all protecting access to the cellar.


Many thanks to Mr and Mrs J for their warm welcome! We thought we were on vacation!

Various small canopies...