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Wrought iron stair railings


We do not have a standard model, preferring to create for each customer a personalized ramp, adapted to tastes, desires and places.

Railing "Tree and Nature"

Because this type of project is not common, it deserves some attention! The realization of this project required more than 300 hours of workshop work without counting the time of reflection and development.

t all started with the visit of Mr and Mrs L. in Niort, who asked me to make them a guardrail and a banister for their staircase and mezzanine. Initially, they left me free, without specific instructions, certainly to test me! After several preliminary draft and sketches, I decided on a model. I present to them and, what was my reaction when they asked me for even more originality! So I study again to finally result from the main lines of the “Tree and Nature” ramp…

For the “Tree” part, it is useless to explain why. As for the “Nature” part, it results in the implantation of various decorative (and forged) elements such as a bird’s nest with its eggs, a spider’s web watched by an attentive lizard, processionary caterpillars, birds posed on a branch or taking flight… In short, the little story of life! As for the leaves, forged one by one, we made nearly 250!

Art deco style stair railing

A wrought iron railing very inspired by the Art Deco period.

Its sober lines allow it to fit perfectly into any type of interior.

The start of the handrail is forged. Steel and wrought iron structure. Lacquer finish and steel patina.

Very art deco stair railing

Very often, it is enough to create a model for us to be asked to reproduce it or more precisely, to be inspired by it.

We therefore made 2 stairs railing inspired by a model that we had installed in 2016 (photo on the right), itself very inspired by the Art Deco period of the Roaring Twenties (1920-1931).

And yet, these two stair railingare very different…

This handrail is placed on a staircase on Sarrazine vault, going up 2 floors. The main structure was assembled on site before returning to the workshop for filling and finishing.

Polyurethane paint finish and steel patina.

As for this one, with a slightly more marked design, it was installed in a magnificent newly restored house whose owners are passionate about this period. It was good, so were we!

"Classic" ramp, brass handrail

Of “classic” inspiration, this stair railing fits perfectly with its environment.

The bars are made of 14mm round iron covered with a ring that we have modified and surmounted by a steel sphere.

The decorations are forged, screwed together.

Polyurethane paint finish and color patina.

Bookcase, guardrail and stair railing: a work of cabinetmaking and ironwork

This library was made in Pays de la Loire.

The drawing, the study and the realization were carried out by the workshop of Julien Lachaud, cabinetmaker in Nieul sur l’Autize.

We intervened for all the ironwork necessary to maintain this gigantic structure: reinforcement consoles of the landing, guardrail and banister of the staircase.

All assemblies are screwed.

It was very interesting work both in the joint design with Julien to ensure the solidity of the work and in the search for the best aesthetic compromise in order to harmonize these 2 materials, wood and steel.

Voluble banister

Given its small size, we favored fantasy.

There was no theme in particular, just a few adjectives to guide me: LIGHT, ORIGINAL and VOLUBILE.

I hope I have succeeded!

1920 art deco stair railing

The realization of this banister required many hours between the study, the tests and the realization.

The structure was painted black, the forged elements were patinated, varnished and waxed.

We also insert some brass balls.

We favored simple and geometric shapes, playing on the texture of the profiles.

Wrought iron railing creation

Installed on a stone staircase on a Saracen vault, this ramp is very inspired by the Art Deco period.

Under the stairs, rather than closing it with a low wall, we preferred with the clients to create a glass roof in the same sense, integrating colored glass and forged decoration.

Spotlights have been installed along the steps of the stairs as well as under the stairs to sublimate the whole.

A "Neo-Country" style?

This wrought iron stair railing was installed in a gite in the Deux-Sèvrienne countryside.

The design had to fit in with the spirit of the house, without imposing a defined style.

We have therefore juggled between the past, the present and the future, while remaining sober and, I hope, elegant… Perhaps we can call it a “Neo-country” style?

The ball of the starting post is engraved and aged. Patinated steel finish.

An 18th-century style banister for a contemporary house

This ramp was made respecting the assembly methods of the time.

The pommel is made of engraved steel.

And all the rosettes are made of raising sheet metal.