Signature La Forge de Rohane Michaël Dugleux

Steel Glass Partition

The steel glass wall is now an almost unavoidable element in the development of our interiors.
Ideal for structuring our spaces while maintaining brightness and conviviality, the steel glass partition is really the solution.

La Forge de Rohane has chosen to design and manufacture interior windows and doors which, we hope, are out of the ordinary.
Going through sober or refined lines, elegant or voluble curves, we do not hesitate to integrate wrought iron ornaments, colored glass, stained glass or various materials such as brass or copper.

Also, for each door made, we manufacture a set of matching handles giving it a truly unique character.

Art Nouveau spirit glass partition

Because we like to offer windows that are out of the ordinary, we have designed this one with elegant curves.

The touch of color brought by the glasses gives it an undeniable charm…

Sober and elegant door and brass

This door was made for a magnificent architect’s house built in the 1950s.

We have integrated patinated brass to reinforce the line of the set, which we wanted to be sober and elegant. The handles are also in patinated brass.

Timeless Steel Partition

In agreement with the clients, we wanted to respect the style of the house for this glass roof which separates the dining room from the living room.

Wrought iron ornaments dress the facade giving it a “classic” style.
On the other hand, the colored glasses give it an undeniable touch of modernity.

In “style” or “contemporary”, we hope for this timeless canopy.

Steel glass partition mixing Art Nouveau and Art Deco

This steel glass partition was installed in Vendée, in a new house.

Customers greatly appreciated the old storefronts from the 1900/1930 period, which left us with a vast artistic horizon.

We opted for a “mixture” of these periods with the curves reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style and the wrought iron ornaments inspired by Art Deco.
Engraved glasses have been integrated as well as colored glasses.

Design in curves and colors

This set is very marked by the Art Nouveau style.
Curves and colors were the themes chosen by customers to guide our inspiration.

The stained glass window was made by the Ateliers St Joseph in Ruffec (16).

The forged handles discreetly add personality to the whole…

Sliding doors and slight curves

For a house built in the 1980s and completely redone from floor to ceiling, we have produced this set of 5 sliding doors.

From simple shapes, we have brought a touch of originality with a few light curves.
The wrought iron handles sign these works.

Steel glass partition in harmony with the stair railing

This whole of steel glass partiton comprising a frame and a door separates the entrance from the kitchen.

The wrought iron ornaments are reminiscent of those on the stair railing also made by us, with a larger proportion at the handle.

A few colored glasses punctuate the work.

Between nostalgia and modernity

It is in a new house that we intervened for the realization of this steel glass partition.
It separates the office from the living room.

The wrought iron ornaments and colored glass give it a very personal style between nostalgia for the past and modernity.

The handles are in patinated wrought iron.

Romantic glass wall

When Mrs. D. contacted us for the realization of her project, there were only the 4 walls of the mansion.

Together we had to show a lot of imagination!

The work is now complete and the mansion has become a magnificent guest house in the city center of Niort.

The steel glass wall separates the hallway from the entrance to the breakfast room.
Double-sided mirrors have been integrated into the structure with some transparent glasses leaving all the privacy necessary for a good morning awakening!

Wrought iron ornaments are placed on the dining room side.

Slinding door

This set consists of 2 large steel and glass sliding doors that open fully along the wall.

The textured wrought iron ornaments underline the 2 oculus of the doors. In order to mark them even more, we have chosen to place a laminated glass like sandblasted glass.

Given the weight of the whole and the structure of the walls (Placoplatre), the doors are supported by a rail on the floor, embedded between the strips of parquet.

One touch of femininity

This stell glass partition separates the entrance from the living room of an apartment.

Together with the client, we wanted the structure to be simple but not basic with a touch of femininity in the design.

This is why a small curve underlines the door and the frame.

Some contemporary steel glass partition

Here are some versions of contemporary steel glass partition.

Colored glasses, integrated LEDs… simple shapes, sometimes imposing by the size of the projects but creating atmospheres…

Glass partition: a shower screen, steel, brass and etched glass

We installed this very original shower screen.

We created this set with the participation of Estelle Robin, glass engraver.