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Railings and window grilles

Grilles, guardrails for windows and for balconies, terraces or mezzanines are above all security elements.

Respecting the imposed safety standards, I endeavor to offer you, depending on your house, contemporary or old, a model that will suit you best.

Each work is specially designed, we do not have a standard model.

All creations are therefore unique following a sketch developed together.

Railings and window grilles

We adapt each work to the architecture of your house and its environment, respecting if possible the proportions of the openings so that the installed guardrails harmonize perfectly.

All creations are therefore unique following a sketch developed together.

Art Deco style railing

This set of 7 railings is freely inspired by the art deco style.

Railings with enamel inserts

It is for the Paris region that we have produced this series of railings and window grilles.

We remain to a classic style for the railings and a more contemporary style for the railings.

What do they have in common? Insertions of enamels that awaken the whole…

19th century railing

It was an important project since we manufactured a set of 27 railings for this house temporarily devoted to a music conservatory before becoming business offices.

We were inspired by decor from the 19th century, the period of construction of the building.

Grilles, pelmets in sheet metal and wrought iron

This set of window grilles were installed in Mellois, in Deux-Sèvres.

They protect the openings opening onto the street.

The sheet metal and wrought iron pelmets hide the rolling shutters.

Grille patinated with a gold highlight

This railing inserted in an oculus was placed on a resolutely contemporary house.

The forged decorations and the entire structure have been patinated with a gold and brown highlight to give it a “rust” appearance.

Ginkgo Grill

This grille protects the street side window.

The central decoration lightens the whole giving it the appearance of a painting.

Forged ginkgo leaves soften the whole.

A color highlight after treatment was applied.

Some other achievements

Guardrail, inside, outside

Terrace railings with enamels

This set of exterior railings surrounds the terraces of this large house from the 80s.

With the clients, we chose a sober decor that we hope is elegant. A forged decoration with enamel inlay breaks the rhythm imposed by the bars.

All assemblies are screwed.

Terrace railing Bernard d’Agesci

It is on an overhanging terrace that we have integrated this railing, in the former property of Bernard d’Agesci, a famous painter from Niort from the end of the 18th century, beginning of the 19th century.

Guardrail? Ramp? Sculpture?

Difficult to classify this project, it is so unusual.

We worked in Nancy in an Art Nouveau house.

This involved raising the banister and guardrails of the original wooden staircase, trying to harmonize the structure as best as possible with the whole.

A big thank you to Mr and Mrs L.T for trusting us. It was a very atypical and very original project.

Railing for the interior, between steel, wrought iron and glass...

For a resolutely contemporary line without departing from the charm of wrought iron, we have designed a principle combining metal and glass, wanting to differentiate ourselves from industrial stainless steel railings.

The structure is in solid steel, the wrought iron ornaments are designed and arranged on the work according to your tastes and the place. Each achievement is unique.

All our clamps to hold the glasses are made by us.

We have resolutely opted for a style between charm and modernity!