Signature La Forge de Rohane Michaël Dugleux

Furniture and lighting

Not hesitating to integrate various materials such as glass, wood, polished concrete or gold and silver, I surround myself with craftsmen recognized for their savoir-faire.

We mainly produce single pieces or small series.

We have created the “Ligne” series, a set of consoles in steel, wrought iron and granite or marble top.

ART DECO Coffee Table, 1925

It was a real pleasure to design and manufacture this Art-Deco style coffee table.

The structure is made of solid steel and wrought iron.

The forged decorations, on the theme of Ginkgo leaves, have been patinated to “rediscover” an old appearance.

Many hours were spent completing this project.

The top, for its part, is an antique mosaic provided by the customer.

A bright coffee table

This coffee table was made at the request of Pascal Rieu, the stained glass craftsman (Tours 37), for one of his clients.

We started with the model of the consoles that we regularly produce, and more precisely on the “Line” model.

The structure is in painted and patinated steel with insertion of a textured forged pattern.

Pascal’s magnificent stained glass window is integrated, entitled “PANDORE 2021”, backlit by battery-mounted LEDs with remote control and intensity and chromatic dimmer.

Creation of a Library/Hi-fi Furniture

It was a superb project!

Thanks again to Mr. and Mrs. C. de Rochefort who trusted me!

The structure is in tubular steel, all the decorations are in wrought iron. Lacquered finish and steel patina on the forged elements.

The cabinetmaking was carried out by Cédric Hamon, cabinetmaker in Charentes (company Brin de Matière). The wooden structure is made of oak veneered plywood.

The doors fold down and fit into the cabinet. A secret drawer is also integrated. Did you see it?

“Runes” coffee table and “Brute” console

A lover of beautiful objects and works of art, I had the chance to meet these knowledgeable enthusiasts.

A big thank you to them for allowing me to create these two pieces.

For the console, 10 mm steel top and forged base. “Bronze” patina finish.

The coffee table is made up of around a hundred elements in engraved and forged steel. Aged copper finish.

A fairy tale bed?

After several drawings, the client opted for this atypical bed to say the least.

The structure is made of steel, the decorations are forged with enamel inlays.

A little bird overlooks the branches to ensure peaceful sleep and sweet dreams…

Some chairs...

Solid steel and wrought iron structure, fabric seat.

"Line" consoles

The “Lines” Consoles are part of a series of 4 models made on the same principle: a sober steel frame and wrought iron ornamentation giving each of them their own character.

The top can be in marble, granite or cabinet-making quality wood (precious wood veneer).

“Alinéa” Line Console

Steel console with glass inlay. (It can also be in straw marquetry).

Granite top.

Mirror approximately 510x960mm

“Luna” Line Console

Steel and wrought iron console.

Granite top.

Mirror approximately 500x900mm