Signature La Forge de Rohane Michaël Dugleux

Exterior steel joinery

The steel glass wall, an elegant, fine and luminous structure, was created in the middle of the 19th century, then more commonly known as the “Winter Garden”.

Today, while keeping the elegance and finesse of yesteryear, the steel canopy meets all environmental requirements.

Four times less conductive than aluminum, steel has all the qualities: solidity, insulation, aesthetics and longevity.

Indeed, steel gass joinery for the exterior are structures that are always handcrafted using profiles adapted and studied to meet thermal standards (double glazing, breaking of thermal bridges, etc.) while maintaining extreme finesse.

The profiles used are of the OTTOSTUMM brand, Ferro Finestra range or from RPTecnick, Fineline range.

"Modern style" entrance door and grille

We have made 2 entrance doors for this magnificent house in the Marais Poitevin.

The structure was made with OTTOSTUM steel profiles with thermal break.

We then “dressed” them with a wrought iron railing with a very Art Nouveau plant motif.

A style that easily combines the old with the modern!

Entrance door "Art Deco"

Steel door made with Ottostum profiles, ref W40.

The wrought iron gate is attached to the door.

Enamels have been inserted giving it a resolutely modern appearance.

The handles were made in the workshop.

The workshop door

Here you can discover our workshop door opening onto our Show room.
The door structure was made with Ottostum W40 profiles.

All the decorations are reported on the facade. They are removable and/or openable to facilitate window cleaning.

The colored glasses are inserted into the decorations.
The window is also made of W40 steel. The mullion is attached to the glass and glued.

Arched door

This set was made with Ottostum W40 “cold” profiles.

2 fixed panels frame the door.

The whole follows the curvature of the opening.

Slender door

Entrance door made with “cold” W40 profiles by Ottostum.

The height of the door is particularly large (2.40m) which gives it its “slender” and light side.

We have incorporated enamels into the handles.