Signature La Forge de Rohane Michaël Dugleux


If the greenhouse is above all a place dedicated to plants and their cultivation, it can be a recreational space to enhance your garden or its interior if it is attached to the house.

All our greenhouses are made of steel and glass.

We produce on request, drawing inspiration from old models or creating contemporary shapes but always in accordance with the installation environment.

Listening to you, we will be able to design and carry out your project so that your dream becomes reality.

Greenhouse with the charm of yesteryear

We intervened in Charentes Maritime for this greenhouse with the charm of yesteryear.

The goal being to give the impression that she has always been there.

Installed in a patio, it is “embedded” between 2 walls of the house.

The brick wall and all the interior decoration was tastefully done by the customer, a garden enthusiast.

A Greenhouse for the winter?

This greenhouse, or more exactly this winter garden, is backed by a magnificent 18th century residence in Charente-Maritime.

The structure is in steel, metallization finish and polyurethane paint. The glasses, cut into “fish scales”, are placed on traditional mastic.

The owners, garden enthusiasts and with a green thumb, open their doors to welcome passing guests.

The greenhouse, or winter garden, is the perfect place to have breakfast.

In winter, it serves as a haven for more fragile plants…

Greenhouse for a protected entrance

This greenhouse, installed in the Bordeaux region, is attached to the house, creating a protected space to facilitate entry.

The structure is made of steel and the glasses are placed on traditional linseed oil putty.