Signature La Forge de Rohane Michaël Dugleux

Initially, a exterior glass wall…

This project took place over several months or even several years, but today the work is accomplished!


We first intervened for an interior glass wall partition which you can discover by going to the “Glass wall” section of “Our achievements”.

The winter garden

Then, we moved on to this winter garden adjoining the house, used as an entrance hall.


The steel structure and the chosen lines give it a very current style perfectly suited to the contemporary architecture of the house. The colored glasses bring warmth and conviviality to the whole.


The wrought iron canopy seems to welcome guests.


Light in structure, it protects the entrance from bad weather. The wrought iron frieze with a plant motif echoes the decoration of the gate and the enamel inlays match the color of the glasses.

The gate

The gate is integrated into the environment. Contemporary but warm, it seems to invite you to enter the property. But of course, with the agreement of the owners!


The structure is in steel, the decorations are forged with enamel incrustation.


The whole thing is clad in sheet metal on both sides so that what is seen from the outside can also be appreciated from the inside!


You can also discover the number in steel and wrought iron…


Finally, 2 railings were installed on the street side.


2 Trees of Life therefore secures these 2 small windows.


A big, big thank you to Mr. and Mrs. G. who trusted us with this magnificent project!